“The Perfect Slate”(short film)

A team of “experts” try their hand at getting the perfect slate before they can start rolling on actual footage they will use in the film.

Behind The Scenes:

Watch the hilariously shot making-of of Life On Set with EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEWS with the Director and Cast and everything in between. (hint: Our producer might be a Russian Spy)

Life On Set: Meta

In this mostly improvised comedy following what happens when the camera’s aren’t rolling, we see the cast’s “real” colors. (Is that racist?)

Some characters you’ll see:

Boston-born, trucker mouth Lauren Chapman, Flamboyantly gay and loving it, Jason Carr, Stoner, method actor, Todd Gaebe, and well-read, sophisticated Ben Campbell.

7 Habits Of Paul

In this gem of a book, based on going up the ladder in Paul’s life on set, Paul gives us clear and precise advice on everyday choices that will help us get ahead in life and on set.

Like, How I got to set 5 hours early and then slept in the wardrobe trailer without getting caught.

Some sample chapters include:

Chapter 7 How to make something positive out of having coffee thrown in your face. And then get more coffee.

Chapter 10 What to do if you accidentally get fired. And how to create a completely new identity from the wardrobe and make up trailer.

Chapter 3 When the Assistant Director has a drug problem and you move him in his sleep to a rehab center and what to do when he wakes up before you get there.

Chapter 12 What to do when your hair falls out and how finding hair from children’s barber’s shops might not be the best route.